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What Does an Advisor Do?

An advisor’s primary focus is to help you understand the core curriculum and program requirements to earn a degree at Lincoln College, but advisors also do  a great deal more than that.

If you have questions about any aspect of life at Lincoln College, and you aren’t sure who to ask, your advisor would be the perfect person to go to. You can also talk with your advisor about any problems or concerns you are having in your classes. Make an effort to get to know your advisor, and you will have an ally with you along your journey here at Lincoln College.

Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Students who understand their degree requirements and participate in the advising process will be more in control of their academic future and be better prepared to navigate their way through the advising process at a 4-year college or university after graduating from Lincoln College. In order to be prepared for your advising appointment, follow these steps for success: