Generally, freshmen and sophomores are advised by our professional advising staff, and upperclassmen are advised by the lead faculty member in their respective degree program. Advisors are assigned at student orientation, and students will be notified of any changes to their advisor assignment via their Lincoln College email. Be sure to check your email before returning to school in the fall!

If you have forgotten your advisor’s name, you can find it on MyLynx under the Academics tab. Scroll down the page to the “Academic Information” section on the right-hand side of the page and you will see your advisor’s name listed where it says “Faculty Advisors”.

You can request to change your advisor by completing the “Change of Advisor Request” form, located in the Director of Student Success and Academic Advisement’s Office. You complete the form and obtain signatures of your former and new advisor, and submit the form to the Director of Student Success & Academic Advisement, Jacob Harnacke, in Office B1 in Gehlbach Hall.

Students initially meet with their advisors during new student orientation. After that initial meeting, you will meet with your advisor to make any changes to your schedule and to register for classes for the next semester. If you have received an Early Alert in any class, or if your midterm grades show that you are not earning above a 2.0 GPA for the semester your advisor will contact you and ask you to meet with them to discuss a plan to get you back on track. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to wait for your advisor to contact you. You can drop in during their office hours anytime, or you can call or email them to schedule an appointment.

If you do not see your advisor, you will not be able to register for classes for the following semester. Not only that, but you will be missing out on all of the helpful information and support that your advisor can offer if you do not see them periodically throughout the semester.

You can contact the Director of Student Success and Academic Advisement, Jacob Harnacke, if you need help and are unable to connect with your advisor. His office is located in Gehlbach Hall, Office B1, or you can email him at